Black Gold Where Are They Now?

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Introduction to Black Gold

“Black Gold” was a reality television series that chronicled the lives of roughnecks working on oil rigs in Texas. The show, which aired on truTV from 2008 to 2013, gave viewers an inside look at the oil industry, showcasing the challenges and dangers associated with drilling for oil. As the years have passed since the show’s conclusion, fans and curious viewers alike often wonder what happened to the cast and the oil sites featured on the show.

The Cast of Black Gold

The series focused on several key members of the oil drilling crews, including the drillers, derrickmen, and floorhands, as well as the management personnel who oversaw operations. These individuals became the faces of the oil industry to many viewers, and their personal stories were as much a part of the show as the drilling itself.

Life After the Show

Since “Black Gold” ended, the cast members have taken various paths. Some have continued their careers in the oil industry, while others have moved on to different fields or retired. The fluctuating nature of the oil market has also impacted their careers and decisions post-show.

Where Are They Now: A Look at the Main Cast

  • Cheston McElhaney: The young and ambitious driller was a central figure on the show. After “Black Gold,” he reportedly continued to work in the oil industry, although specific details about his current endeavors are not widely publicized.
  • Brandon Watson: Known for his fiery temper and dedication, Brandon’s life after the show has been relatively private. It is believed that he remains in the oil business, but he has kept a low profile since the series ended.
  • Wayne Harris: The veteran driller with decades of experience was a mentor to many on the show. Post-“Black Gold,” Wayne is said to have retired from the oil fields, enjoying his well-deserved rest.
  • Gerald Williams: As the tool pusher, Gerald was responsible for the crew’s performance. There is little information available about his current activities, but he may still be involved in oil drilling or consulting.
  • Audrey Stevens: The tough-talking company man who often clashed with the crew has kept out of the public eye since the show’s end. His current status within the oil industry is unknown.

Impact of the Oil Industry on the Cast’s Lives

The oil industry is known for its boom-and-bust cycles, which can lead to significant changes in employment and lifestyle for those involved. The cast of “Black Gold” experienced these ups and downs, with some finding stability and others facing uncertainty.

Challenges Faced by the Cast After the Show

Many of the cast members faced personal and professional challenges after the cameras stopped rolling. The physical toll of working on an oil rig, coupled with the stress of the industry’s volatility, has had lasting effects on their lives.

Summary Table of Cast Members and Their Current Status

NameRole on ShowCurrent Status
Cheston McElhaneyDrillerContinued in oil industry
Brandon WatsonDrillerPrivate life, presumed in oil
Wayne HarrisDrillerRetired
Gerald WilliamsTool PusherPossible consultant
Audrey StevensCompany ManUnknown

The oil rigs and sites that served as the backdrop for “Black Gold” were as much a part of the show as the cast. These locations have also undergone changes since the series ended, with some continuing to pump oil while others have been decommissioned or sold to different companies.

Current State of the Oil Industry in Texas

The Texas oil industry has seen significant shifts since “Black Gold” aired. Advances in technology, changes in oil prices, and political factors have all played a role in shaping the current landscape of oil drilling in the region.

Advancements in Drilling Technology

Since the show’s conclusion, drilling technology has continued to evolve. Innovations in hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, and enhanced oil recovery have changed the way oil is extracted, potentially impacting the careers of those who were once on the front lines of the industry.

How the Cast Adapted to Industry Changes

Adapting to new technologies and methods is a necessity in the oil industry. The cast members who remained in the field likely had to learn and embrace these changes to continue their careers in oil drilling.

Reflections on the Show’s Legacy

“Black Gold” left a lasting impression on viewers by highlighting the hard work and risks associated with oil drilling. The show also brought attention to the personal lives of those who work in this demanding industry, creating a deeper appreciation for the human element behind the scenes.

FAQs About Black Gold: Where Are They Now?

  • Is “Black Gold” still being aired on television? While “Black Gold” is not currently airing new episodes, reruns may be available on certain streaming platforms or channels that specialize in reality TV.
  • Have any of the cast members written books or been involved in other shows? There is no public information suggesting that the cast members have published books or been prominently involved in other television shows since “Black Gold.”
  • Did the show accurately represent the oil industry? While “Black Gold” dramatized certain aspects for entertainment, it did provide a realistic glimpse into the challenges and dangers of oil drilling.
  • How has the oil industry in Texas changed since the show ended? The industry has seen fluctuations in oil prices, advancements in technology, and changes in regulations that have all impacted how oil drilling is conducted in Texas.
  • Are there any similar shows to “Black Gold”? There have been other reality shows that focus on tough jobs, such as “Deadliest Catch” and “Ice Road Truckers,” which also showcase the challenges faced by workers in extreme conditions.


The legacy of “Black Gold” lives on through the memories of its viewers and the ongoing careers of its cast members. While some have continued in the oil industry, others have moved on or retired, reflecting the diverse outcomes that are characteristic of life after reality TV. The show provided a raw and engaging look at the lives of those who work in one of the world’s most demanding industries, and its impact is still felt today. As the Texas oil industry continues to evolve, the experiences of the “Black Gold” cast serve as a reminder of the human stories behind the quest for this valuable resource.

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