As I’ve already mentioned on the homepage, I would love nothing more than to hear from other fellow Dum Dum Girls fans. I know that you are out there, I can’t be the only one, and I feel very lonely. I’d like to chat, exchange messages and if enough of us gets together who knows, maybe we can even arrange a meet sometimes. I’m currently based in New York due to school, but normally I’m from Los Angeles. I’m at home at both of those places.

Sending me a message is pretty simple, just fill out this form and hit send. Messages from here go to my main inbox, so I’ll know about your message as soon as you hit send basically. Next to getting in touch with other fans, I’d also like to hear from people who might want to contribute to the website. I’m all alone working on this website, and I want to change that. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a suggestions, criticism or if you want to actually write a post on my blog, share your experiences with the band. Any help is welcome, so get in touch. Until I hear from you, hugs and kisses.