Hustle And Soul Cast Where Are They Now?

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Hustle and Soul was a hit reality television series that premiered on WE tv in March 2017. The show followed the staff of the Pink Tea Cup, a soul food restaurant located in Brooklyn, New York, as they worked under the leadership of Chef Lawrence Page. The series was known for its dramatic twists, intense confrontations, and the personal and professional relationships among the staff. As the show has been off the air for some time, fans are curious about what the cast members are up to now. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the lives of the Hustle and Soul cast and discover their current endeavors.

Introduction to Hustle and Soul

Hustle and Soul captivated audiences with its blend of culinary excellence and interpersonal drama. The show’s focus on the ambitions of Chef Lawrence Page to earn a prestigious Michelin star for his restaurant added a layer of professional stakes to the personal drama. With three seasons that showcased the highs and lows of restaurant management and staff dynamics, viewers became invested in the cast’s lives both inside and outside the Pink Tea Cup.

Where Are They Now: The Cast of Hustle and Soul

Since the show’s conclusion, the cast members have taken various paths, some continuing in the culinary world while others have ventured into new territories. Let’s explore where each of the main cast members is today.

Chef Lawrence Page

As the central figure of Hustle and Soul, Chef Lawrence Page was the owner and head chef of the Pink Tea Cup. After the show ended, Lawrence continued to expand his culinary empire. He has opened new restaurant locations and continues to be active on social media, sharing his latest dishes and ventures with his followers.

Ana Lavender

Ana Lavender, who was the general manager of the Pink Tea Cup and Lawrence’s on-and-off girlfriend, has also been busy since the show’s end. She has been involved in various business ventures and remains active on social media, where she shares aspects of her personal life and new projects.


Thandi, the fiery floor manager and Lawrence’s other love interest on the show, has been pursuing her own dreams. She has taken steps to further her career in the hospitality industry and has also been seen engaging with fans on social media platforms.

Sana Kibz

Sana Kibz, known for her role as bartender on Hustle and Soul, has continued to work in the nightlife and hospitality industry. She often posts about her latest endeavors and personal life updates to her followers online.

Twin Servers: Dominic and Stefano

The memorable twin servers, Dominic and Stefano, brought a unique dynamic to the show. Post-Hustle and Soul, they have been pursuing individual careers while occasionally making appearances at events together.


Candice, the hostess with a memorable personality, has been exploring different career opportunities. She has also been active on social media, where she shares her life’s journey with her fans.


Cola, the bubbly mixologist, has been pursuing her passions in the beverage industry. She has been involved in various projects and continues to engage with her fan base through social media.

LP’s Mother

Lawrence’s mother, who made several appearances on the show, has been enjoying her life away from the cameras. She occasionally appears on Lawrence’s social media, showcasing their strong family bond.

Post-Show Successes and Challenges

The cast members have experienced a mix of successes and challenges since the show ended. Some have thrived in their careers, while others have faced personal hurdles. Despite this, they have all shown resilience and a determination to move forward.

Impact of Hustle and Soul on Their Careers

The exposure from Hustle and Soul has undoubtedly impacted the cast’s careers. For many, it has opened doors to new opportunities and increased their visibility in the industry. They have leveraged their fame to build their brands and expand their professional networks.

Engagement with Fans

The cast members have maintained a connection with their fans through social media and public appearances. They often share insights into their lives post-Hustle and Soul, keeping the spirit of the show alive for its dedicated fan base.

Current Business Ventures

Several cast members have launched or are involved in new business ventures. From opening new restaurants to starting lifestyle brands, they are applying the skills and experiences gained from the show to their entrepreneurial efforts.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Some of the Hustle and Soul cast have also dedicated time to philanthropic work, using their platform to give back to the community and support various causes. This aspect of their lives showcases their commitment to making a positive impact beyond their careers.

Summary Table: Hustle and Soul Cast Where Are They Now?

Cast MemberCurrent Endeavor
Chef Lawrence PageExpanding restaurant locations, active on social media
Ana LavenderBusiness ventures, social media presence
ThandiAdvancing hospitality career, social media engagement
Sana KibzNightlife and hospitality industry, personal updates online
Dominic and StefanoIndividual careers, occasional joint appearances
CandiceExploring career opportunities, social media updates
ColaBeverage industry projects, fan engagement
LP’s MotherEnjoying life, occasional social media appearances

FAQs: Hustle and Soul Cast Where Are They Now?

  • Is the Pink Tea Cup still open?
    The Pink Tea Cup has seen various changes since the show, including new locations. Check their latest updates for current status.
  • Has Chef Lawrence Page earned a Michelin star?
    As of the last update, Chef Lawrence Page has not yet earned a Michelin star, but he continues to pursue this goal.
  • Are any cast members still working together?
    While some cast members have pursued individual paths, there may be occasional collaborations for events or projects.
  • Did the show have a positive impact on the cast’s careers?
    Yes, many cast members have leveraged the exposure from the show to advance their careers and start new ventures.
  • Can I follow the cast on social media?
    Yes, most cast members are active on social media platforms and welcome engagement from fans.


The cast of Hustle and Soul has continued to make waves in their respective fields since the show’s conclusion. From Chef Lawrence Page’s restaurant expansions to Ana Lavender’s business ventures and Thandi’s career growth, each member has taken the fame and experience from the show to new heights. They remain connected with their fans and often share their ongoing journeys through social media. While the Pink Tea Cup’s doors may not always be open, the legacy of Hustle and Soul lives on through the cast’s endeavors, proving that the hustle and soul they brought to the show were just the beginning of their stories.

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