Past Winners Of The Voice Where Are They Now?

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The Voice, NBC’s hit singing competition, has been a launching pad for many aspiring singers since its inception in 2011. With its unique format of blind auditions and celebrity coaching, the show has crowned numerous winners over the years. But what happens to these talented vocalists after the spotlight fades and the season ends? In this article, we’ll catch up with past winners of The Voice to see where their careers and lives have taken them since their big win.

Introduction to The Voice Winners

The Voice has been a popular platform for singers to showcase their talents to a national audience. Each season, contestants go through a series of rounds, from blind auditions to live performances, with hopes of being crowned the winner. The prize includes a recording contract, cash, and, of course, the title of The Voice. But the true test comes after the show, as winners attempt to translate their TV success into a lasting music career.

Season 1: Javier Colon

Javier Colon, the very first winner of The Voice, captured audiences with his soulful voice in 2011. After his win, Colon released a few albums but struggled to find commercial success. He parted ways with his record label and has since continued to make music independently. Colon also returned to The Voice stage for guest performances and has been touring to connect with his fans.

Season 2: Jermaine Paul

Jermaine Paul, previously a backup singer for Alicia Keys, won the second season of The Voice. He released his single “I Believe in This Life” but faced challenges in the music industry. Paul has been performing at live events and working on new music, though he has yet to release a full album since his win.

Season 3: Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope, the former lead vocalist of the band Hey Monday, won Season 3 and quickly became one of the show’s most successful alumni. She ventured into country music, releasing albums and singles that have charted on Billboard. Pope has received nominations for various music awards and continues to tour and record new music.

Season 4: Danielle Bradbery

At just 16 years old, Danielle Bradbery won Season 4 and was the youngest winner at the time. She pursued a career in country music, releasing albums and singles that have received critical acclaim. Bradbery has also explored fashion and beauty partnerships, leveraging her fame beyond the music industry.

Season 5: Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin, hailing from Jamaica, won Season 5 with her powerful voice. She released her album “Count on My Love” but faced modest sales. Chin continues to perform and remains a prominent figure in the Jamaican music scene, often representing her country on international stages.

Season 6: Josh Kaufman

Josh Kaufman’s win in Season 6 was a triumph for the soulful singer. He starred in the Broadway production of “Pippin” and has focused on live performances and personal music projects. Kaufman has also been involved in music education, sharing his experiences with aspiring musicians.

Season 7: Craig Wayne Boyd

Country singer Craig Wayne Boyd took home the title in Season 7. He released his album “Top Shelf” and continues to perform across the country. Boyd has also been active in songwriting and collaborating with other artists in the Nashville music scene.

Season 8: Sawyer Fredericks

Sawyer Fredericks, known for his folk-inspired sound, won Season 8 at just 16 years old. He has released several albums independently and has a dedicated fan base. Fredericks tours regularly and has maintained control over his musical direction, focusing on authenticity.

Season 9: Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith’s powerful performances won him Season 9, and he quickly released his debut album, which topped the Christian charts. Smith has since released more music, got married, and continues to perform while also exploring songwriting for other artists.

Season 10: Alisan Porter

Alisan Porter, a former child star, won Season 10 and has since focused on creating music on her terms. She has released EPs and singles independently and has been open about her journey through motherhood and sobriety, inspiring many with her story.

Season 11: Sundance Head

Sundance Head, with his distinctive blend of country and soul, won Season 11. He has faced delays in releasing his album but continues to perform and write music. Head often shares his life and musical experiences with his fans on social media.

Season 12: Chris Blue

Chris Blue, the winner of Season 12, captivated audiences with his energetic performances. He has released singles and is working on furthering his music career while also getting married and serving as a worship leader at his church.

Season 13: Chloe Kohanski

Chloe Kohanski, now known as Chloe MK, won Season 13 and has since been exploring her sound. She has released alternative pop music and continues to evolve as an artist, aiming to connect with a broader audience beyond The Voice fans.

Season 14: Brynn Cartelli

Brynn Cartelli became the youngest winner in The Voice history at 15 when she won Season 14. She has been working on her music career, releasing singles and performing live. Cartelli is also balancing her burgeoning music career with her education.

Season 15: Chevel Shepherd

Country artist Chevel Shepherd won Season 15 and has since been honing her craft. She released her debut EP “Everybody’s Got a Story” and continues to perform while finishing high school. Shepherd is committed to building a lasting career in country music.

Season 16: Maelyn Jarmon

Maelyn Jarmon’s stunning vocals earned her the win in Season 16. She has released music that showcases her unique sound and continues to engage with fans through performances and social media. Jarmon is also an advocate for the deaf community, as she has a hearing impairment herself.

Season 17: Jake Hoot

Jake Hoot’s country charm won over audiences in Season 17. He has released music that reflects his country roots and has collaborated with other artists, including his coach, Kelly Clarkson. Hoot is also focused on using his platform to support charitable causes.

Season 18: Todd Tilghman

Todd Tilghman, a pastor and father of eight, won Season 18. He has been working on his music career while continuing his pastoral duties. Tilghman released his debut single and is navigating the balance between his family, faith, and newfound fame.

Season 19: Carter Rubin

Carter Rubin, another young talent, won Season 19 at just 15 years old. He is currently working on his debut album while balancing his music career with his education. Rubin’s win has inspired many young artists to pursue their dreams.

Season 20: Cam Anthony

Cam Anthony’s win in Season 20 showcased his versatile vocal abilities. He is currently working on new music and has performed at various events, including the National Christmas Tree Lighting. Anthony is determined to make a lasting impact in the music industry.

Season 21: Girl Named Tom

The sibling trio Girl Named Tom made history as the first group to win The Voice in Season 21. They have been touring and working on original music, aiming to capitalize on their harmonious blend that won America’s hearts.

Season 22: TBD

As of the knowledge cutoff date for this article, Season 22 of The Voice has not yet concluded. A new winner will soon join the ranks of these talented artists.

Summary Table of The Voice Winners

SeasonWinnerCurrent Endeavors
1Javier ColonIndependent music, touring
2Jermaine PaulLive performances, new music
3Cassadee PopeCountry music, touring, nominations
4Danielle BradberyCountry music, fashion partnerships
5Tessanne ChinPerformances, Jamaican music scene
6Josh KaufmanBroadway, live performances, music education
7Craig Wayne BoydAlbum release, Nashville collaborations
8Sawyer FredericksIndependent albums, touring
9Jordan SmithMusic releases, songwriting, marriage
10Alisan PorterIndependent music, personal journey
11Sundance HeadPerforming, songwriting, social media
12Chris BlueSingles, worship leadership, marriage
13Chloe Kohanski (Chloe MK)Alternative pop music, artistic evolution
14Brynn CartelliSingles, live performances, education
15Chevel ShepherdDebut EP, high school, performances
16Maelyn JarmonMusic releases, advocacy, performances
17Jake HootMusic releases, collaborations, charity work
18Todd TilghmanDebut single, pastoral work, family life
19Carter RubinDebut album in progress, education
20Cam AnthonyNew music, event performances
21Girl Named TomTouring, original music

FAQs About Past Winners of The Voice

Who has been the most successful winner of The Voice?

Cassadee Pope from Season 3 is often considered one of the most successful winners due to her chart-topping singles and nominations in the country music scene.

Do winners of The Voice always become famous?

Not all winners achieve mainstream success. Many continue to work in music on a smaller scale or pursue other interests.

What kind of support do winners of The Voice receive after the show?

Winners receive a recording contract and often receive guidance from their coaches and the show’s network, but the level of support can vary.

Have any winners returned to The Voice?

Yes, some winners have returned to The Voice for guest performances or as mentors during later seasons.

How does winning The Voice impact an artist’s career?

Winning The Voice can provide a significant boost to an artist’s career, offering exposure and opportunities, but long-term success depends on various factors including talent, marketability, and work ethic.


The journey of past winners of The Voice is as diverse as their musical styles. While some have achieved notable success in the music industry, others have taken different paths or faced challenges in maintaining their careers. The show provides a unique opportunity for artists to be heard, but it’s clear that the real work begins after the final note is sung on stage. As we look forward to future seasons, we’ll continue to watch the evolution of these talented individuals and their contributions to the world of music.

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