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We Want More DUM DUM GIRLS Live Shows

Fans of the band, friends, and those who have just dropped by, we are pleased to announce that we’ve started a poll to check and see just how many people would be interested in seeing the Dum Dum Girls get together and play more shows together. Summer is coming and we might even convince the girls that they start a Euro tour. OK that last sentence I put in there out of selfish reasons. This summer for vacation I’m visiting south of Europe, Croatia to be more precise. I’m planning on a visit of the national parks there, starting with a Krka waterfalls tour, and I’d love nothing more than to see Dum Dum Girls play a gig there.

But even without seeing the girls play a venue during my visit to Europe, I would be more than happy to just see them play a few gigs back home here. Let’s face it, that’s much more realistic, and there’s plenty of things to do in Split Croatia, even without seeing the best band in the world play a gig there. Still we are hoping that you will participate in this poll, and make your voices heard. Fan engagement is what’s needed for a band to thrive, and I think that we as fans of the band have been failing them lately. Now show the girls that you do care and click on that polle. Hope to see you on a Dum Dum Girls show very soon.



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Do you want to see Dum Dum Girls play live again?
Do you want to see Dum Dum Girls play live again?

We Are Dum Dum Girls is an unofficial web page of the famous rock band “Dum Dum Girls” from New York. Dum Dum Girls were formed back in 2008 and like their name suggests they are a band that primarily consists of girls. Since forming, the band has released 3 studio albums, 4 EPs, 1 compilation and many singles. My name is Carla and I’m kinda a huge fan of the band. They’ve been a hero of mine ever since I started listening to them back in 2010, when I was still in high school, how time flies. Now I’m in college, after taking some unexpected gap years (plural) before college. I’m studying creative writing, with a minor in photography. When I’m not writing, I’m usually on a walk with my two main companions, my DSLR camera and my photography drone under $100, which come in quite handy when I come across something that peaks my interests during my walks. But enough about me, let’s talk about the real stars of the show, Dum Dum Girls.

Dum Dum Girls have never really achieved what you might call mainstream success, at least not in the same way that acts like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift have. That bums me out a bit, because I never got the chance to see Dum Dum Girls play for a huge stadium crowd. That way I could taken my camera drone with me and record some aerial footage, which is sort of like a thing that I do with the bands that I like. Yep, you’ve read that right, bands. Dum Dum Girls aren’t the only band that I listen to, I listen to a lot of other great musicians, but there is just something about Dum Dum Girls that makes them my favorites. Some of the more popular band names, like Chainsmokers for example, have large gigs where I can actually use my gear, my lovely binoculars with camera, for recording in and around the venue. I’d love to see Dum Dum Girls at the same rate of success as some of the bigger names, and fill out larger venues. Why don’t we talk a bit about the band history.

Key band members

Kristin “Dee Dee” Welchez

Kristin or “Dee Dee” Welchez is the founder, the chick who started it all. Seeing how Dum Dum Girls are on a sort of hiatus since 2015, Dee Dee has a solo project going on under the name Kristin Kontrol. In Dum Dum Girls, besides being the founder, she also played the guitar and she played the role of the lead singer. Dee Dee actually wrote the 5 songs that were featured on the initial CDR release of the Dum Dum Girls, and she was also the principal songwriter on all the other albums by the band. You can find new material by Dee Dee under her new solo project dubbed Kristin Kontrol.

Jules Medeiros

After writing and producing the first album, Dee Dee needed to form a live band to play shows. One of the first to be drafted into the band was Jules Medeiros. She plays the guitar, and next to Dee Dee she is the longest surviving member of the band. On occasions Jules will also provide backing vocals. She joined the band at the start of 2010, and she is still in the Dum Dum Girls lineup. Next to Dum Dum Girls, she also has a solo career of her own, and you can find her releases on Discoogs.

Sandra Vu

Sandra is the second member to be recruited by Dee Dee, after Jules Medeiros. She joined the band in the later half of 2010. Sandra plays the drums in Dum Dum Girls and she is the third longest lasting member of the band. Next to Dum Dum Girls, Sandra also plays in her own band called SISU. Jules Medeiros also plays in SISU.

Other members

Many other members have played in the band over the years. Initially the band featured a bass played known as Bambi. Before Sandra Vu, Dum Dum Girls had Frankie Rose for a drummer, but she left the band after only a couple of months. First record featured guitar playing from Andrew Miller, who is current live band member. There was also Malia James, who played bass from 2011-2016, and other acts like Jeremy Rojas, Andrew Montoya, Chuck Rowell and Brandon Welchez who helped the band over the years.

Contact me

Please other fans of Dum Dum Girls send me a message, get in touch with me so that we can exchange stories and who knows, so that you might help me out around the website here. I would love to have someone with fresh info about the band, or someone who can just write interesting new stories about them. Come forward if you have video recordings of the band playing live, please come forwards, pretty please, 😛 …

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